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Mindful Decluttering & Organizing Events

Declutter Your Space ~ Free Your Spirit! 

Saturday, March 16 2024

10:00 am to 11:00 am

🔍 Clarify your vision: Imagine a space that sparks joy and reflects your dreams – let’s make that vision crystal clear! 

🤔 Understand your decluttering WHY: Uncover the reasons behind the mess, and let's make decluttering a purpose-driven journey. 

🧹 Identify what clutter is and why you have it: It's not just stuff – there's a story behind every item, and we're here to unravel it with you. 

🌟 Feel the energetic effects of clutter: Discover how the energy in your space affects your well-being and get ready to welcome more positive energy. 

🛠️ Choose tools and strategies: From practical hacks to personalized strategies, find what works for YOU on your clutter-busting journey. 

🚀 Identify that crucial first action step: Let's kickstart your decluttering goals with a simple yet impactful first move.

Register now to secure your spot and save $10 with early bird pricing. I look forward to seeing you!

The Inner Art of Decluttering ~ Introductory Course -

Saturday, April 6 2024

10:00 am to 11:00 am


✨ Uncover the inner blocks holding you back, allowing you to step into a future unburdened by chaos.

✨ Merge ancient wisdom from feng shui and the chakra system with cutting-edge brain-based learning, tailored to your unique journey.

✨ Harness the power of your inner wisdom to manifest your personalized vision of an organized and stress-free life. 🙂

As a special bonus, you will receive Pam's exclusive chakra system map for decluttering your life! This resource offers a unique way to revitalize your home and life. It's time to embrace a brighter, clutter-free future! 🏡✨

Register now to secure your spot and save $10 with the early bird special. We look forward to seeing you!

Pam H. Headshot.jpg
Pam Holland

Speaker, Teacher, and Life Transformation Coach

Founder of Mindful Decluttering & Organizing, LLC ©


Since 2005, Pam has delighted in helping folks free themselves from physical, mental and psychological clutter so that they can move through transitions with less stress and create calm, productive and clutter-free space in their homes. 


She does this by gently helping them to move through the stuck-ness and overwhelm which often surfaces when they try to declutter.


Her services include virtual and hands-on professional home organizing, as well as virtual time transformation and productivity services.


Learn more and find free decluttering and organizing tips and inspiration at


Your future organized self will thank you. 

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