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Welcome to

At Healing Solutions Inc, we will assist you in

relieving your pain and restoring your life. 

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With unparalleled value, Healing Solutions Inc provides a trustworthy

healing environment that offers over 40 modalities of holistic bodywork

with the highest quality products, services, and staff in all of Colorado.


We specialize in Medical Massage, Cupping, and Meditation to treat

the source of your pain so you can live your life to the fullest.

Guided by experience and intuition, we guarantee to find the best-fitting therapist to meet you where you're at.

We are so honored to have you join us and trust us to help you heal!

Medical Massage Therapy, Auto Accident Massage, Work Injury Massage, Medical Massage, Chronic Pain Massage

Are you experiencing pain and tension?

Would you like to increase flexibility, range of motion, and energy levels?

If you are looking for

a non- surgical,

non- medication based treatment for your injuries,

Medical massage is the rehab approach

for you!

Wellness Massage Therapist, Wellness Massage, Wellness Massage Therapy, Raindrop, Sports Massage Therapy, Cupping

Are you looking for quality work that will address your stress, anxiety, and pain?


HSI creates a custom session just for you, listening to what your needs are and applying our expert healing techniques,

including Massage Therapy, Cupping, Energy Healing,

and more. 

We will help you get relaxation and ease of movement back in your life.

We also offer Wellness Plans!

Beauty Products
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Are you looking for products you know you can trust, and that are focused on results?

  We strive to bring you the best products from local distributors and experts in their fields!

 Healing Solutions Inc's own Delightful Line of products are made in-house with quality ingredients.

We also provide

Gift Certificates, 

 Essential Oils, Nutrition Plans, Tower Gardens, Crystal Grids,

and so much more!

Friends at Outdoor Event


Are you searching for activities that can deepen your healing journey?


All of us at HSI are working hard to bring you fun and exciting events that will be beneficial to your life and personal



We currently offer

Full Moon Events!

 Stay tuned! 

More events are coming!

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