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Physicians Corner

What Is

Medical Massage Therapy?

What Is Medical Massage Therapy?

Medical Massage therapy is a type of therapy that mixes various types of Advanced Manual Therapy techniques. This type of massage is prescribed by a medical provider and performed according to the directives of that medical provider. The Medical Massage Therapist specializes in working target areas, using different modalities to treat what is causing the patient pain. We increase blood flow to the area, work on relieving pain in soft tissue, and maximize the functionality of the area. In other words, we quite literally massage the pain away!

How Will Medical Massage Help Your Patient?


By reducing pain and inflammation


By increasing range of motion


It will establish and maintain normal muscle tonicity


By reducing stress and anxiety during injury and treatment that follows

How Will Medical Massage Help Your Patient

Why Doctors Refer to Healing Solutions Inc.

Why Doctors Refer Us

We provide a quality medical massage that creates effective treatment through a skilled hands-on approach that utilizes palpitation, assessment and treatment.


We have specialized training and experience that requires a higher level of competency and education.


Healing Solutions Inc. works with doctors by keeping SOAP notes (a highly structured format for documentation) on all patients and provides progress reports as requested.

Patients that receive manual therapy often recover from injuries and illness more quickly and with less discomfort.

Reasons Doctors Refer to Healing Solutions Inc

More patients are requesting alternative health care options that can reduce the need for costly medications and troubling side effects.


Our treatments qualify for HSA and FSA funds when prescribed by a doctor (download our prescription form to see). Patients can submit treatment costs to their insurance company for reimbursement.

HSI believes that cooperation and collaboration with physicians and other medical providers will help patients achieve healthier outcomes faster.


Reasons to Prescribe 

Medical Massage Therapy

Why Prescribe Medical Massage?
Reasons to Prescribe Medical Massage Therapy

Download our Free Guide

We have put together a free .PDF guide so you can know when to prescribe Medical Massage Therapy to your patients.  Click on the link below to download your free guide today. 

What Your Patient

Can Expect

What Your Patient Can Expect

The licensed massage therapist will treat your client with care and will review what the medical provider has prescribed for treatment.  Then we will do an assessment based on postural evaluation, joint range of motion, and soft tissue assessments to determine the source of pain. By addressing the source of the pain, we restore balance to the body and achieve lasting results rather than temporary relief of symptoms.


Sometimes patients will be asked to be dressed as they would for PT or exercise. This allows the massage therapist to perform techniques that work on range of motion work.


At the end of the session the patient and therapist will review appropriate home care. If patients are in physical therapy, we defer to the exercises prescribed by the physical therapist.


Rest assured, your patient will be our top priority throughout the entirety of the healing process. Through our hands-on approach, we will ensure that your patient is not alone on the road to full recovery.

What to Expect

Auto Accidents

Auto Collisions

Have you, or someone you love, been involved in a recent auto accident?  Accidents, no matter the seriousness, can have major effects for years to come if untreated. Sometimes symptoms will show up immediately or in as many as 30 days. In the moment, you may feel ok after the accident, only to discover two weeks later that you have headaches from the whiplash you experienced from the accident. In fact, whiplash is the most common injury after an auto accident.  Blurry vision, hearing problems, dizziness, and headaches are all common results of whiplash. Soft tissue injuries (soft tissue includes muscles, tendons and ligaments) from an auto accident can cause chronic pain for months and years to come after the accident if left untreated. When muscles are injured, they will build up scar tissue to heal themselves. This can cause the muscles to be weaker, less elastic and prone for re-injury and pain. Medical Massage can help prevent that from happening to you.


When you go to the hospital or emergency room, the physician is focused on looking for major injuries due to an auto accident.  They may not notice soft tissue injuries because they don’t show up on an X-ray, and they can be overlooked when addressing your injuries. This can mean debilitating pain.


Fortunately, we do have some good news. If you have been injured in an auto accident. Auto insurances, in most cases, will cover your medical massage therapy.

Auto Accidents
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