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Scheduling Appointments Again

At Healing Solutions Inc, we will assist you in relieving your pain and restoring your life.  We would appreciate the opportunity to help if you are suffering from any of the following:

-Chronic Pain

-Rotator Cuff or Shoulder Pain

-Frozen Shoulder

-Whiplash or Neck Pain

-Back Pain

-Auto Accident Injuries

-Sports Injuries or Rehabilitation Issues

-Athletic Performance Stagnation

-Mobility Issues

-Post Surgery Rehabilitation

-Poor Posture

-Weakened Immune System


-Sleeping Issues

-Anxiety or Stress




-Productivity and Focus


-Low Energy Levels

-Emotional Health

-Impulse Control


-Blood Pressure Regulation

-Nerve Pain


With unparalleled value, Healing Solutions Inc provides a trustworthy healing environment that offers over 40 modalities of holistic bodywork with the highest quality products, services, and staff in all of Colorado. We specialize in Medical Massage, Cupping, and Meditation to treat the source of your pain so you can live your life to the fullest. Guided by experience and intuition, we guarantee to find the best-fitting therapist to meet you where you're at.

Healing Solutions Inc Services

Medical Massage Therapy, Auto Accident Massage, Work Injury Massage, Medical Massage, Chronic Pain Massage

Are you experiencing pain and tension?

Would you like to increase flexibility and performance? If you are looking for a non- surgical, non- medication based treatment for your injuries, Medical massage is the rehab approach for you!

Wellness Massage Therapist, Wellness Massage, Wellness Massage Therapy, Raindrop, Sports Massage Therapy, Cupping

Are you looking for quality work that will address your stress, anxiety, and pain?


HSI creates a custom session just for you, listening to what your needs are and applying our expert healing techniques, including Massage Therapy, Meditation, Cupping, Energy Healing, Yoga, and more.  We will help you get relaxation and ease of movement back in your life.

We also offer Wellness Plans!

Yoga at Home
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We offer a variety of services for you to participate in from the comfort of your own home or while you are on the go! 

We provide virtual services so that you can join us from home, while traveling, or if you are not local!

Meditation, Yoga, Energy Healing, and Life Coaching are included in our Virtual Services!

Beauty Products
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We have an ever growing collection of the best products around!  We strive to bring you the best products from local distributors and experts in their fields!

We are currently carrying Healing Solutions Inc's own Delightful Line of products that we make in-house with quality ingredients.

We also provide Gift Certificates, eBooks, Courses, Supplements,

Active Wear, Essential Oils, Tower Gardens, Crystal Grids, and so much more!

Friends at Outdoor Event


(Coming Soon)

All of us at HSI are working hard to bring you fun and exciting events that will be beneficial to your life and personal



 Stay tuned!  These events will be coming soon and will include:

-Discovery of Wellness Retreats

-Full Moon Meditation and Yoga Events

-Salad Jar Parties

and MORE!


The Story That Empowered Our Purpose

-Suzette Skidmore, Owner and Founder of Healing Solutions Inc

In 2003, I discovered how pain can change your life.  I was doing my best to function with a constant headache that ranged from a 3-10, depending on the day.  You know the feeling; I have to get this or that done, and don’t have time for pain.  So, you push through, hoping it will stop at some point.  Unfortunately, for me it did not.


I discovered I had a cyst in my head the size of a business card that was an inch thick. The cyst was causing pressure in my head, which was part of the headaches.  I thought that once I had surgery I would be home free.  No.  It changed the headaches, causing them to be more chronic and consistent.  I lived with a level 4 headache and found PT and medications didn’t improve the pain.  I tried so many meds.  I was getting multiple intense side effects, and they made it impossible for me to take medication anymore. 


I was at a loss looking for an answer to my pain.  I read books on nutrition, tried lots of different alternative treatments, and discovered that an essential oil treatment and massage decreased the pain.  The treatments even gave me a chance to see what it was to be pain free.  I had no idea the amount of energy the pain was stealing from my life.  I felt euphoric once I was pain free.  Today, I am pain free and enjoying life again.  From that experience, I learned I didn’t have to live in pain and made it my mission to help others to live pain free, so they, too, can enjoy life again.  I have spent the last 15 years studying and helping others relieve their pain so they can enjoy life again.


We Are Here For You



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