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Ski Injuries and Medical Massage Therapy

Winter sports are a big part of our culture here in Colorado! We love to ski and snowboard, as well as participating in many other winter sports. Since these sports are such a huge component of life where we live and in all snowy areas across the country, it is important to address the benefits of Medical Massage Therapy in treating injuries that have happened due to participation in Skiing and Snowboarding.

If you want to stay injury-free while enjoying long days out on the slopes this ski season, consider massage therapy. Massage can be a great solution for your aching muscles after a hard day of skiing, and can improve your athletic performance as well. One huge benefit of massage, also, is to assist in your healthy recovery if you are injured.

We are focusing on injuries that are most common to skiers, however, it is important to note that these injuries can occur during any sport and also many normal daily activities. Medical Massage Therapy is helpful in the recovery of these injuries, but is also beneficial in helping to prevent injuries, as we will discuss below. To learn more about Medical Massage, in general, or to learn about insurance coverage regarding massage, check out our blog on Medical Massage Therapy here.

There are a few common injuries that occur in skiers, and they include knee sprains, ACL injuries, ankle sprains, and foot pain. These are not all of the injuries that can occur as a result of participating in winter sports, however, all of these injuries can benefit from Medical Massage. Here is a breakdown of these specific injuries:

Knee Sprains

Knee sprains are, hands down, the most common skiing injury, accounting for about 35% of all injuries suffered by skiers. Knee sprains happen when a ligament around the knee joint is injured by tearing or by stretching the ligament too far. There are many ways that this injury can be caused.