Great News!!
Healing Solutions Inc. is OPEN!










Below are the MANDATORY guidelines put in place by the CDC, DORA, and local government to keep us all safe.


HAPPY NEWS!  Healing Solutions Inc is opening back up in our Broomfield location!  You are welcome to book online at, or you can call us to book your appointment at (719) 768-3381!  We are taking extra precautions and opening back up slowly for the safety and well-being of our clients.  Below are some guidelines that are required by the CDC, DORA, and the local government.  We will be following these guidelines strictly, as they are MANDATORY! 

We really appreciate you all so much for hanging in there, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Here are the guidelines that have been put in place for you and for Healing Solutions Inc. by the CDC, DORA, and our local government:



You are asked NOT to arrive for your session, if ANY of the below mentioned apply. You will not be charged any kind of fee if you need to reschedule.  We just want everyone to be safe and well, so please just let us know if you need a schedule change or are unable to make it to your appointment if any of the following are true:

1.) Do you have a sore throat? Or Dry Cough? Or Shortness of Breath?

2.) Do you have fever like symptoms?

3.) Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms in the past 14 days, from your scheduled session?

4.) Have you been around or live with someone who has been quarantined due to Covid-19?



1.  You MUST be wearing a mask, when you arrive for your session. This is absolutely mandatory with NO exceptions.

2.  You must wash your hands once you arrive. 

3.  Your Temperature will be taken, upon arrival, with a ‘No Contact’ Infrared Thermometer. ( Aka. I’ll be pointing a harmless light beam to your forehead to get a reading.) This is to prove I didn't work on anyone that may have been sick.

4.  Please Do NOT arrive early to your appointment. You are welcomed to wait in your car. I’m allotting 30 minutes between each session. If your apt. Is at 10:30 am. you can enter the office at 10:30 am, and so on.  

5.  Please bring a water bottle to leave in your car and properly hydrate before you come to your appointment, as we are not currently allowed to provide this service to you.

6.  No Touch Checkout. This means, NO cash allowed, ONLY Credit Card will be excepted. ( No Soft Surfaces Allowed) We will have hand sanitizer available.

All Product Sales are FINAL. We are not allowed returns, once a product has left the office.

I am aware that this may be overwhelming, however, it’s for the safety and well-being of our community. Any measures we can take at this time to prevent spreading the virus, means we can slowly get back to ‘normal.’


1.) I will be wearing a mask  during our session. 
2.) I will be washing my hands before and after each session and wearing gloves when required.

3.) As always, your session will include freshly laundered, clean sheets.

4.) EVERY surface that can be wiped down, will be disinfected between each session. This includes, handles, bench, table, and massage products.  

5.) I will be diffusing Thieves (an Essential Oil that helps purify the air), and running an air purifier in the room at all times.  

6. ) I will be doing health checks of my own, ensuring that I am healthy every day before interacting with any clients.  

7.) We will only be open Tuesday and Thursday in Broomfield for May to give these new guidelines a chance to show their success and to keep everyone healthy.  


If any further compliance orders are passed, I will follow those immediately, and I will notify everyone of them as well!  The goal, here, is to provide care to all of you while keeping you safe, as always at Healing Solutions Inc.  I look forward to seeing you soon, and wish everyone well! If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 720-768-3381.

Take Care and Stay Healthy!!


For Those of you who are staying home for now, we would like to let you know about these virtual, free to you, offerings:

We are offering, free of charge, Mindful Monday LIVES on Facebook!

Please join us!  All information on these events will be posted on our Facebook page!

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