During this course, you will learn multiple foundational Meditation techniques that will assist you in knowing where to start.  We will cover the benefits of Meditation, and why it is so helpful, whether you want to cultivate peace and calm, work on difficult emotions, learn to move with meditation, or practice mindfulness to appreciate your daily tasks more!  This is our beginning Meditation class. 


This course is one hour per week, taking place for six weeks. 

The course will take place on Saturday mornings from 8:30am to 9:30am MST over Zoom (FREE app)

June 13th through July 25th


There is one week of break in the middle of the course to leave space for review and introspective self-practice.  Guidance will be provided.


If, for some reason, you miss a course, the recorded class will be sent to you so that you can continue on in the course without issue. 

Calming Chaos: Foundations of Meditation (Block 2)


  • Week 1: Learning What is Best for YOU!  

                  Introduction to the Course, Meditation vs. Mindfulness, 

                  Different Ways to Meditate, and Mechanics/Ergonomics.

    Week 2: Emotional/Cognitive Overload

                  Benefits of Meditation, Dealing with Stress and Anxiety, etc.

    Week 3: Managing Time and Productivity

                  How Meditation increases productivity and creates more

                  quality time in your life.  How it pays you back for the time

                   it takes to have a regular Meditation Practice.

    One week off for review and introspective self-practice.  Guidance will be provided.

    Week 4: Power of Positivity

                  Loving-Kindness Meditation, Smiling Meditation, and the 

                  benefits of a Cultivating a Positive Mindset!

    Week 5: Not Always Unicorns and Rainbows

                  Working on the difficult things is hard, but you can learn so 

                   much.  How to learn about yourself from Meditation.

    Week 6: Movement Meditation

                  Yoga, Walking Meditation, Aikido, and Daily Activity 

                   Meditations and How they can help you.



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