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Essential Oil Tips, Vetiver, and Spring Mixes

Essential Oil Tips

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver is a plant, fragrant, perennial grass native to the tropical regions of Asia. It is used as a medicine and as a scent in many men’s soaps and colognes. It is a woodsy and warm scent, an exotic and earthy aroma. Vetiver is thick, so adding V-6 to this oil is great for some faster movement. Diffusing it with Ylang Ylang or Lavender creates great results in the areas of relaxation, anxiety, and balance.

The root of the grass is used to create essential oils and medicines that are known to help with nerve and circulation problems. It helps restore relaxation and balance, treats tired muscles, and helps revitalize dry, dull skin. Vetiver is used to even out skin tone and the essential oil makes your skin look fresh! Vetiver can be applied directly to the skin for relief of stress as well as emotional trauma and shock. Aromatherapy uses of vetiver include calming anxiety, helping with symptoms of insomnia, and lessening joint and muscle pain and rheumatism.

Vetiver is also known for its use in combating insect infestations. It is used to treat lice, and to repel moths and other pesky insects. Vetiver is also used as a flavoring agent in alcoholic beverages! Do not take vetiver if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it is likely unsafe. Ingestion of vetiver during pregnancy may cause miscarriage, and effects on newborns have not been tested.

Favorite Spring Mixes to Diffuse at home

Spring is finally here! If you love the freshness, new growth, and all-around feel of spring, then these essential oil diffuser recipes could be right up your alley! Try a couple of the following recommended by some regular connoisseurs of Young Living Essential Oils:

This mix is also amazing if you don’t have allergies! Try it out if you do, though, as it is pretty helpful.

More Spring Mixes for your Diffuser:

4 drops of Joy, 4 drops of citrus fresh, and 1 drop of lime- This is a refreshing and uplifting mix!

5 drops of grapefruit and 3 drops of basil- This leaves a refreshing and fresh scent in your home this spring.

Citrus fresh, spearmint, and joy mix together so well to create an uplifting and positive amazing smell!

Jade Lemon, Joy, and Jasmine. Shake diffuser a bit so that the Jasmine doesn’t settle in the bottom and you’ll be loving this mix!

3 drops of lavender, 2 drops of bergamot, 1 drop of lemon,and 1 drop of sandalwood- This creates the smell of paradise!

For more information on Young Living Essential Oils, or to Book a Massage with us, contact us at, or call us at 720-768-3381. We are happy to help you with anything you need! If you would like to try some Vetiver or any of our other amazing Essential Oils, this is the place!

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