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Kate Smith

Marketing & Promotions Manager

Infared Sauna & Foot Detox Technician

Nutrition Wellness Consultant

I am a wife, and mother of 2 amazing boys and a wonderful Daughter-in-Law.

I have been married to my hubby for over 25 years.  We have a sweet little Beagle named Olivia, and she keeps us hopping. 


I absolutely love to travel and explore new things.   I have been to 42 states, and I cannot wait to see the rest, especially Alaska.  Of course, anything with a beach is always at the top of my list as well. 

My hobbies are reading (especially historical fiction), crafting (especially jewelry), and hanging out with my family.  

My hubby and I love Sci-Fi movies!

Not everyone knows about me that I used to raise and show dogs.  I was at my first dog show when I was 3 days old.  My mom was a world-renowned dog breeder/shower for English Setters.  I had many of them around me growing up.  I loved to show them, and who would not want to be around puppies most of their childhood!

Also, I was a dancer for 15 years.  Ballet is in my blood, and I was in the Colorado Ballet Nutcracker many times.  The Nutcracker is my absolute favorite.

Wellness is a journey….

It is a journey that I embarked on after experiencing deep pain and illness.

Growing up, I never thought to take care of my body.  Even as a dancer, I was never really taught about healthy eating, and how to treat my insides as well as I did the outside.  As a result, in my early twenties, I was shocked to find myself ill and unable to function.   The medical world was not really sure what was wrong, so I found myself in a position of taking handfuls of medications each day.  By my early 30s, I was mostly bedridden, and unable to function.

After some research, and another doctor giving me yet another pill, I decided enough was enough…so I started looking into alternatives.   Finding how food and lifestyle can have a drastic change in the body, I delved into the world of nutrition and wellness.   After about a year of clean eating, and amazing nutritional support, I was able to get off all medications and create a new future for myself.  

My background is in the medical field, as an Occupational Therapist.  I also grew up with my mom, who was a nurse…so I always knew I wanted to help people.  When I discovered that nutrition and mental wellness were just as, if not more, important that physical fitness, I knew this was the path for me. Even as I look back to my dissertation on Healing with Eastern Medicine, I realized that wellness has always been where I was led to help others!

I am super excited to provide the best ways to incorporate wellness into your life, including eating plans, Wellness Retreats, fun classes and so much more!

I have now been helping people balance their fitness and health for over 15 years, and I am forever grateful to bring that knowledge to the amazing clients at Healing Solutions Inc!

Degrees and Certifications:

-Certified PN Lvl 1 Nutrition Coach


-Associates Degree in Applied Science

-Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

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