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Foot Detox

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What is an Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Detox?

This foot bath is completely painless and works by sending a small current through the body as it generates positively charged ions.  Also called hydrotherapy, the high concentration of the ion field attached to the negatively charged toxins, neutralizing them.  The body is then able to discard the toxins through the 2000+ pores on the bottom of the feet.

Used to cleanse toxins, balance ph., assist in recovery from injuries/surgeries, pain management/inflammation, increase oxygen and cell energy levels, enhance the body's ability to heal and rebalance on its own.  While widely used to increase both physical and mental energy, vitality and stamina, it can at the same time, assist the body in ridding itself of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics and other foreign material trapped in the skin layers that have clogged up its systems of elimination.  

Internally, the machine can help to cleanse parasites and detox the liver.

Benefits of the Foot Detox?

Increased Sense of Well Being

More Energy

Liver Detoxification

Purge Heavy Metals

Reduce Stress

Improved Sexual Health

Pain Relief

Improved Sleep

Improved Memory

Less Wrinkles /Skin Problems

Enhanced Immune System

Improve Allergy Symptoms

What Should I expect?

Most people wear shorts or loose pants that pull up easily.

You will remove your shoes (and socks) and your feet will be submerged into a warm foot bath. 

The ionizer does the work, and the process takes 30 min to complete.  

We offer a warm paraffin hand dip along with a quiet, comfortable, and private place to relax while you enjoy the detox.

After the session is complete, we will discuss the colors and variations of the water and show you what the colors can mean.

You will want to plan to drink plenty of water after the session.

Who Should NOT do the Foot Detox?

If you have a Pacemaker/defibrillator

Are taking blood thinners

Taking medications for irregular heart rhythm /hemophilia / epilepsy

Open wounds on the feet

Pregnant / Nursing

Electrical Implants

Actively Doing chemotherapy sessions


**Please consult a physician prior to starting the foot detox if you have any questions 

regarding medications or ailments.

**Healing Solutions Inc is not able to diagnose or treat any symptoms. 

The Foot Detox is used as a healing modality and should not replace any medications or treatments unless noted by the treating physician.   Although the above noted benefits have been seen with Foot Detox, there is no guarantee what results you may experience from doing Foot Detox.   

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