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Energy Healing Services


Energy Healing

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This technique is used to help move and clear energy either in person or virtually.

The Practitioner will use energy techniques to start clearing and moving energy.

Some clients feel heat or coolness. They all seem more relaxed and grounded after the session. 

Upgrade Your Energy



Alleviates Anxiety, Enhances Self Love, Reduce Stress, Stops Energy Drain,

Increased Confidence, Helps Balance Life Purpose

60 Minute Session

Clear Your Energy Body and

Cleanse Your 7 Chakras

So You Feel:

Less Stressed, More In Control and Less Weighted Down by Life

90 Minute Session

Benefits of a longer session:

Time to shift the deeper ingrained energy patterns.

Start to work with an additional 5 chakras.

Receive additional take home self care recommendations.

$109 for 60 min session

$149 for 90 min per session