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Meditation and Yoga

We are growing and developing services and programs that will benefit our clients.  We are currently offering our Yoga and Meditation Services online via Zoom! 

Meditation by the Sea

Private Meditation Instruction


The benefits of regular meditation are countless and are backed by solid research.  Some of the benefits include: Increased focus, memory, productivity, and self awareness, Decreased stress and anxiety, Regulation of blood pressure and heart rate, Promotion of mental and emotional health, and so much more.

Receive customized, personalized Individual Meditation Instruction tailored specifically to you and your needs.  Let the benefits of Meditation bring peace, calm, and self-understanding to your life.

$54 for 30 min session

$99 for 60 min session

$139 for 90 min session

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Private Yoga Sessions

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Private Yoga Sessions are designed specifically for your individual needs.  These sessions are one-on-one, are developed collaboratively by you and your yoga instructor, and focus on building and maintaining a program that may include:

-reduction of pain

-increasing strength

-injury prevention

-increasing flexibility and/or mobility

-increasing balance and stability

-decreasing stress and anxiety

-focusing on overall health and fitness

-building confidence

-improving posture, rounded shoulders, and scoliosis

*Set up a 30 minute assessment to start building your program with us today!

$59 for 30 min session

$99 for 60 min session

$139 for 90 min per session

Senior Yoga Class

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Classes will be offered in an online group setting via Zoom.  They are designed to assist you in starting or deepening your Yoga and/or Meditation practice.  Beginner classes will assist you in gaining knowledge that will allow you to choose the best route to take on your journey forward!

Intermediate classes will help you dive deeper into more specific techniques, and deepen your knowledge and skill.

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Continuing Education and Certification Courses

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We are a Yoga Alliance certified Continuing Education Provider, and are currently developing courses that will benefit you while satisfying Yoga Alliance's requirements for Continuing Education! 

Courses can be taken by anyone, but are designed for fulfill requirements set forth by the Yoga Alliance.  Check back soon to see our offerings.  We can't wait to share them with you!