Suzette Skidmore


Owner & Founder of Healing Solutions Inc.

Massage therapy is quite personal to me because it saved my quality of life. Due to a brain surgery in 2003, I was prescribed physical therapy along with medication. As a result of the medications, I experienced severe reactions causing more problems. The physical therapy was not able to focus on my specific needs, which limited my results. This led me to start looking for ways to help my body and brain heal from surgery because I was in a lot of pain.

My first discovery was Young Living essential oils. I was amazed at the raindrop treatment as it decreased my pain significantly. In the days that followed, I learned more about essential oils, massage and how different types of massages could help my body and brain heal. The culmination of these experiences led me to go to massage school because I yearned to help others who were suffering just
like I was.

Over the last 11 years, I have sought ways to help client’s massages last longer and  be more impactful, allowing them to live a full life again. The simple truth is this: getting massages before and after surgery will reduce your recovery time. A huge part of my passion is to help bodies heal without relying solely on pain medication. I am constantly looking for ways to help others live life to the fullest.

After brain surgery, I learned how much I took life for granted and how much being in pain stopped me from doing basic things I used to enjoy. Helping my body heal allowed me to get my life back and much more. In essence, that is what I want to give to my customers and patients. Here, you always find a place that cares about you and is focused on helping you get back the life you want to create.

Mission: Helping people get out of pain and live life to their fullest.

Our mission started just as a dream during many lonely, painful, and sleepless nights.


It is simple: We believe in relieving pain and restoring lives through the power of medical massage.


Degrees and Certifications:


-Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Glenwood Beauty Academy


-Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2005

-Certified Medical Massage Therapist (MMT)

-Member of ABMP since 2005


We Are Here For You

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