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Medical Massage

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 1 Worker's Comp Claim will be filed for every 100 Full-Time Workers. The #1 workplace injury...sprains and strains, which make up 30% of all claims. Be sure to get the quality care you deserve! Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to injure yourself in the workplace but it can be uncommon that you seek the complete care that will help restore your body.


Let HSI provide you with the care you need!  Medical Massage is a necessity in treating on-the-job injuries and getting you back to work and functioning properly in a timely fashion. It assists your body in healing soft tissue injuries faster and more accurately than painkillers, which simply numb the pain rather than addressing the injury.  Unlike painkillers, medical massage helps to restore soft tissue as well as to relieve pain and tension.

The best part is that worker’s comp benefits will pay for medical care and rehabilitation care, which includes Medical Massage with a referral from your worker's comp doctor.  Let us help you get back to work free of pain!

Worker's Compensation

Auto accidents can affect you for years to come if proper care is not sought.  Medical massage will help you care for resulting issues from your accident including: muscle tissue injuries, sprains/strains, whiplash, neck tension, and other painful injuries that may be overlooked in the emergency room. 

If these types of soft tissue injuries are left untreated, you may be living with chronic pain for years to come.  All that is needed is a referral from your primary care doctor, urgent care doctor, or chiropractor in order to receive medical massage.  We also bill your auto insurance for you, to take as much of the stress off you as we can!


If the auto accident occurred in the state of Colorado, medical massage payment will be covered under one of two policies depending on who is at fault. Just know that we are here to help in both situations.


Do not hesitate to come in and allow us to make you feel better and get back to pain free daily living! 

Auto Accidents

Employers offer several benefit packages to their employees. Here at Healing Solutions, Inc we accept both FSA and HSA accounts on a tax deferred basis.

Services Include:

HSA & FSA Medical Massage Pricing.

Employer Benefits Massage

We are proud to serve all VA Vets with Medical Massage. Please call your PCP to have them refer you to Healing Solutions Inc. then call us at 720-768-3381 to schedule.

Once we receive the paperwork, we can book your appointment. We bill the VA directly.

VA Approved Medical Massage

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