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Healing Solutions Inc.

These events are independently done by the operator of the event and HSI is not responsible for any content or promotion.

Email for booking details.

Wine, Women & Wealth

We are building a community of women who desire to take charge of their financial future, expand their knowledge and build their confidence regarding money and wealth.

✨Expect to meet amazing women, introduce yourself and your company, or expand on how we can connect you with the resources/people you need.

✨This is a recurring event that happens on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

✨ Please feel free to reach out to the organizer for more information: 

Kristen Judd - 303.944.6195

Kristin Judd

Kristen's return to the financial services sector was driven by her quest for a company emphasizing financial education for individuals, families, and business owners. Her deep commitment stems from a passion to alleviate financial struggles and guide others toward sustainable prosperity.

Beyond her financial expertise, Kristen is a published author of "Own Your Future" and contributor to "Wine, Women & Wealth," reflecting her dedication to empowering others in their financial journeys.

A recognized speaker, Kristen frequently leads educational workshops and seminars. Within her professional sphere, she thrives on supporting clients, agents, and team members alike. Kristen has found her calling in fostering growth and positive transformation for all she encounters.

Monthly Sound Bowl Series

Come explore sound healing with chakras and the moon phases each month.

Chakra Series

In this series we will spend an evening focusing on each individual chakra allowing us to dive deep to clear and balance the center.

Moon Phases Series

Relax to the soothing sounds of the crystal singing bowls and other instruments as we explore the current moon phase.


✨This is a recurring event that happens on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Andrea Clem

Andrea Clem is a Reiki Master, Certified Sound Healer, and Energy Coach, who founded The Way Home To You, LLC in 2022 as a way to serve others. Her deepest desire is to awaken others to the True Knowing of their Divineness and assist in connecting them to the healer within.  


By offering a safe, non-judgmental and loving place for clients to BE, her hope is to assist them in their own transformation and help them remember their own highest truth.


Beyond offering individual sessions of energy and sound healing through her company, she is so very excited to offer group sound baths through her partnership with Healing Solutions Inc.


Andrea is a Colorado native, living in Westminster with her two sons and fur babies.

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